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In the near future, robots will be making our lives a lot easier by taking care of all the boring, dirty and dangerous jobs. But what happens when their work is done? Do they head back to their docking station to recharge their batteries? Do they switch to sleep-mode?

Well… not really.

Introducing  “Roboville”: a collection of slightly moronic, colourful robots, each with their own personality and oddities.

These often comical creations try to imitate human behaviour in their own clumsy, awkward way, and show us a world where even machines are searching for their own identity and place in society.

Each robot is handmade by metalsculpting artist Tim Roosen at ‘NovaBelgica Art & Design’ in Sint-Truiden, Belgium.  He lovingly builds every robot out of sheet metal and bits of stainless steel, aluminium and brass. They are then painted in a bright colour, named and put up for adoption.

Roboville is an ever expanding universe of robot sculptures, inspired by  science-fiction, TV shows, superheroes, history, every day events and music.

New robots are added on a regular basis, unless the ‘Roboville Factory’ runs out of noses.

Which happens from time to time.

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